Il Piccolo Gelato

31 Oct , 2021 Reviews,Tales,Tastings

In the heart of Ballarat, on Sturt Street, is an institution that presents a taste of Italy. It comes complete with an authentic 1962 Vespa that is wheeled out every morning and wheeled inside every evening. Everything inside is genuine Italian, even though the owner, rather ruefully, admits that he isn’t. Il Piccolo Gelato, a […]

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Icecream stories from nineteenth-century Australia

15 Feb , 2021 History

Ice-cream conjures images of creamy white desserts with all sorts of flavour combinations. It has become the ultimate sweet dessert with artisan ice-creameries becoming increasingly popular for their unique flavours and creativity in presentation. However, ice-cream, as it is known today, is not the same as it was in the early 1800s. This applies equally […]

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Yarra Valley – scenery, chocolate and ice-cream

9 Feb , 2020 Reviews,Tales,Tastings

Nestled into the scenic rural area just outside Yarra Glen lies the Yarra Valley chocolaterie and ice creamery. Located on Old Healesville Road, this is a destination for anyone who has a sweet tooth, chocoholics and ice-cream aficionados. In addition, those who have a love of food in general or interested in admiring scenic views […]

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Discovering Ricketts Point Fine Foods ice-cream

6 Mar , 2019 Reviews,Tales,Tastings

About a month ago I learned about Ricketts Point Fine Foods ice-cream. To my great disappointment, it appeared that they were a wholesale business and didn’t make sales direct to the public. This was only realised after I had scrolled through the list of ice-cream flavours available on their menu. A bit more sleuthing discovered […]

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Scouting for flavours – November food festivals

12 Jan , 2019 News,Tales,Tastings

Scouting for flavours – November food festivals

Back in November, I scooted around Melbourne to attend three events in one day. Two of these events had been on my radar for some time and resulted in a special trip to Melbourne to check them out. I have to admit that I didn’t really consider the associated geographical challenges when I decided that […]

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Prahran Markets Wicked Dessert Festival

12 May , 2018 Tastings

Prahran Markets Wicked Dessert Festival

I guess you know you are excited about an event when you arrive before the event is completely set up. This happened to me last weekend when I made the trek to the Prahran Markets in Melbourne to attend the Wicked Dessert Festival. The upside of this, though, was that I got to do a […]

Chocolate, Boysenberry and Lavender Ice-cream

18 Mar , 2018 Recipes,Tastings

Chocolate, Boysenberry and Lavender Ice-cream

Please note: All of my ice-cream combinations use this recipe as a base. The ingredient selection This combination of flavours was partly decided by the ingredients that I already had on hand: Callebaut dark chocolate chips Bridestowe Estate lavender syrup Montrose Farm boysenberry vinegar Half of the fun of making ice-cream is experimenting with flavours […]

An artisan gelato experience in St Kilda

24 Feb , 2018 Reviews,Tastings

An artisan gelato experience in St Kilda

It was a sunny Autumn day when I decided to skip breakfast and head to an artisan gelato store located in the Melbourne beachside suburb of St Kilda. Before you ask, I was not planning to indulge in ice-cream for breakfast. Rather, I was intent on talking about my favourite subject. Yep, that subject would […]

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