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Il Piccolo Gelato

31 Oct , 2021   Reviews,Tales,Tastings

In the heart of Ballarat, on Sturt Street, is an institution that presents a taste of Italy. It comes complete with an authentic 1962 Vespa that is wheeled out every morning and wheeled inside every evening. Everything inside is genuine Italian, even though the owner, rather ruefully, admits that he isn’t. Il Piccolo Gelato, a […]

Icecream stories from nineteenth-century Australia

15 Feb , 2021   History

Ice-cream conjures images of creamy white desserts with all sorts of flavour combinations. It has become the ultimate sweet dessert with artisan ice-creameries becoming increasingly popular for their unique flavours and creativity in presentation. However, ice-cream, as it is known today, is not the same as it was in the early 1800s. This applies equally […]

Mobile boutique icecream: The Chameleon Icecreamery

16 Jun , 2020   Reviews,Tales,Tastings

The first time Gungahlin Homestead opened to the public, back in 2016, there was lots of community interest and the crowds matched this. I watched on enviously while people popped back into the queue in front of me with an ice-cream in hand. Then I was right in front of a sunny yellow van and […]